Fashion, Charity + Bingo

The Unlikely yet Beneficial Partnership of Fashion, Charity & Bingo

People can’t live without fashion. This statement holds true especially to the millions of women who read magazines, scour the Internet, and/or watch shows to get updates on the latest trends around the world. Since they comprise 80% of the world’s 100 million bingo players – according to statistics by Optimove – it is no wonder why most of them opt to wear their best outfits during game days. Female style icons – who are also self-confessed avid bingo players – have always set the bar high in terms of the do’s and don’ts in fashion. These trendy women walk the red carpet of high-profile charity balls and events with the grace of a gazelle, as if transforming an unassuming bingo hall into a glamorous catwalk.

Since its inception, online bingo companies have long been associated with various benevolent institutions. Gala Bingo, for instance, has close ties with a non-profit organization that aims to assist the less fortunate. 52 Lives, together with the UK-based online gaming platform, have embarked on a 52-week mission to raise £52,000, an amount that can drastically change the lives of 52 people for the better. On the other hand, celebrities combine their prominent status and this timeless recreational activity to produce a vehicle toward positive outcomes.

Other than walking the brightest runways and being on esteemed fashion magazines around the world, English supermodel Kate Moss uses her love for bingo as a way to support charitable endeavours. After one of her closest friends, Sadie Frost, revealed to Vogue about Moss’ love for the game, she’s actually become a fixture in a lot of charity bingo galas. Kate Moss truly embodies style wherever she goes. She’s usually seen in these events wearing an elegant ensemble featuring a bevy of endorsements ranging from Mango and Topshop to Chanel and Burberry. This also becomes an avenue for Moss to not just express her love for bingo, but to show the world that a fashion model of her stature can make a difference no matter how small it is.

There are no written rules about charity and fashion, unlike to that of bingo. However, this classic game can come up with a recipe using these two ingredients to promote different causes and raise awareness for the betterment of society.

Zen Life | Staying Focused + Relaxed On the Go

My life is always on the go, I mean always. Both my husband and I work full-time schedules while balancing caring for our 3 young children. We like to make time for everything without overdoing it. And I since I am a bit of a perfectionist at times I can forget that less is more + some days it's just better to take it nice + slow. Sometimes I need to just focus on a more Zen Life. And these days I benefit from a mental workout more than anything else. So I carry a bit of sanity with me daily using a few good apps that remind me to always stop + smell the roses, even if I've only got a few minutes to spare.


Wake Up & Live

Zen Life Headspace

Headspace | I've been using this app since last year to take those mental timeouts needed to relax, restructure and regroup. And I love that I can use it anywhere and I do mean anywhere. Since I am a hands-free kind of woman when it comes to using my phone (I seriously do not hold my phone in the car, ever, my bluetooth headset is my like my right hand) I use it riding passenger side, on my lunch hour at work, or even while at my desk. A mental check out helps me mentally check back in with a more positive and calming outlook. Headspace has a free 10 day trial period + pricing options for those who'd like to become members. Who wouldn't want that?


Zen Life Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green | I use their Mind Body Green rss app and scroll through articles that appeal to me. I am also an email subscriber and love brushing up on new recipes, workouts, holistic healing and other ways to wind-down throughout the week.


Zen Life Happify

Happify | I've been a fan of following Happify on social media but only recently learned that they have an app. I currently use the free side of their app (they have monthly and annual subscription rates available as well) and love the activities they over to help the "happy" take over just a bit more in my life. They also have infographics, free play and journey tracks that can help narrow down issues and bring more happy into life.

These are just three helpful tools that I use to Zen Life. What are some techie tools you use to keep balanced and focused?

Zen Life 2016