10 Question Holiday Tag + Blog Hop!




1} What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Getting into the holiday spirit with my husband + little ones.

2} What is one of your family traditions?

On a regular we do family movie + game nights so with so many seasonal movies coming up we add hot cocoa, popcorn+ other holiday treats to keep our family fun nights going.

3} What's your go to polish or nail art design?

G-L-I-T-T-E-R! As soon as December hits my inner polish junkie gravitates toward it clear through the New Year's holiday. It's all so pretty + shiny!

4} What holiday(s) do you celebrate?

I just repeated this question to my husband + we both agreed that we celebrate health, happiness, love, friendship, getting through the hard times together, enjoying the good times + teaching our children the most important things in life is to have love for themselves and acceptance of others no matter what they celebrate/look like/eat/wear etc. I know it's a little mushy but life happens before + after the holidays + that is how we celebrate our life together all year long.

5} One thing you REALLY want for Christmas?

Oh such a toughie! I know it says one thing but can I sneak in two? Okay I would really love an Ottlite, a beauty blogging necessity when the sun starts setting before 6 + a fun accent chair in my master bedroom. I know who asks for home decor + task lamps, right?

6} Best gift you have received?

Last year my husband gave me a heart pendant full of different jewels. It's so breathtakingly pretty I love to stare at it.

7} Where would you like to spend the holidays?

I would love to spend the holidays in a cabin watching the snow fall. It's been years since I've had a white Christmas.

8} Have you ever made a snowman, snow furniture, or a snow angel?

Of course! I'm from PA so snow days were my best days.

9} What is the weirdest gift you have ever received?

A snuggie! It has a leopard print + I love it but when I put it on I basically disappear!

10} What's your favorite holiday cookie?

Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies. Since I was a little girl I have loved these cookies. They give the perfect blend of sweet + buttery. I could easily eat an entire tin, nope no self control when it comes to junkie foods.

I can be bought with these!


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