3 Iconic Looks You Need To Try Right Now

  1. Velvet Lips like Lauren Bacall + Dita Von Teese

The Look - Lauren Bacall's Velvet Lips


The mouth is undoubtedly one of the sexiest facial features on a woman. Make yours legendary following these easy steps.

What you need:

raisin colored lip lipstick Raisin colored lip liner Concealer Dry toothbrush Lip brush Powder brush Tissue Translucent powder

How you do it:

1. Gently exfoliate your lips using the dry toothbrush to remove any dry/chapped skin. 2. Dab a bit of concealer over your lips. It creates a neutral base for the lip color. 3. Using the lip liner pencil start in the center {of your lower lip} + follow your lip out to each corner. Do the same for your top lip only round the peaks of your cupids bow instead of making them pointy + follow your lip line down to the corners of your mouth. 4. Apply the raisin colored lipstick {staying within the lines} then blend into the liner using the lip brush. 5. Place the tissue on your lips + dust a little translucent powder over them. This sets your lipstick without getting it all over your powder brush. 6. After removing the tissue apply a final layer of lipstick. Do NOT rub your lips together. To touch up simply reapply your lipstick. Now you've got "The Look".


2. Famed beauty marks like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna + Jean Harlow

Beauty marks are easy + alluring. Even if you have natural ones they can easily be forgotten underneath your makeup {mine do all the time}, especially if you wear it everyday. Choose an area like the side of or above your upper lip or near your nose.

Iconic Style - Beauty Marks


What you need to do: Using a black {you could try a very dark brown if it looks more natural to your skin tone} waterproof eyeliner dot the designated area + wait for it to dry before applying another dot. Dust with translucent powder + avoid touching your face at all costs unless you are touching up your makeup otherwise you may be minus a dot.


3. Winged Eyes like Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot + Lauren Conrad

Winged Eyeliner



What you need:

Black mascara {completely optional but I use a plum/black layered combo} Angled eyeliner brush Black gel eyeliner

There are few ways to do this look. You could go thin or thick but I like this post  best from  TinaMarieOnline. Once you get the basics of it you can customize your look right down to color. I love using a deep plum or dark bronze shade since it makes my brown eyes pop the most.