6 Bright Lipsticks You Can Pull Off

Bright makeup is the not so big secret to Spring + Summer trends. But trending or not I've always had a thing for bright fuchsia + watermelon pink shades, they stand out without looking too made up. Here are a six of my favorite bright lipsticks that I'm swiping on in the heat of the moment this season.

Reds + Oranges ...Orange is a big thing this year. Thanks to Pantone's Tangerine Tango you can find orange in just about anything! So if you love orange stock up because this is your year.


Pinks. I love the color pink but haven't always been a fan of pink lipstick. These 3 are perfect for my skin tone + only cost $1 each.


So what do you think? Is bright lipstick a yay or nay for you?