Beauty In


Still trying to fit in that size 2? Starving yourself to lose a few pounds? Ladies please, please PLEASE stop! Nowhere does science or society prove/support that lack of nutrition and stressing over your weight has a positive result.

Your curves are not a crime. Embrace your body. Dress to fit YOU. Who cares if your friend wears a size 6…you are the only one who lives in your skin so you’d better get familiar & very comfortable with it. Now that doesn’t mean draping yourself in some shapeless polyester piece, shunning your stunning figure. Dressing the part plays an important role in feeling it. Try things on in the fitting room when you’re out shopping. If you are unsure bring 2 different sizes to try. Heck bring your cute heels & really bring the outfit to life! At first it doesn’t seem ideal but imagine how much better you’ll feel & look once you know that what you are going home with fits in only the right places. I’ve had three babies & there isn’t a curve on this body I would give back. It’s a far cry from the one I had at 18 but it’s mine & I love it. A person will only treat you as good as you treat yourself. So love yourself whole-heartedly & honestly.