Beauty Tip of the Week: Take Care of Your Nails, Hands & Feet

 I love nail polish but more than that I love my nails. Nail polish alone won't make your nails healthy no matter how expensive the bottle. There are basic rules to follow when it comes to nail care. All you need to do is make + keep the commitment to follow them everyday, after all you wouldn't drink water on Mondays + skip having again until Wednesday, right? Your answer should definitely be "No!"

1. Keep your nails clean. Very simple + very easy. You don't need special nail soap or anything like that, just a gentle cleanser {something you would trust to use on your face}. Don't scrub them down with a brillo pad either. It's best to use a soft bristle like something you would find on a soft grade toothbrush. If your nails are dirtier than usual soak them first for about 10 minutes.


At Home Hand/Foot Nail Soak:

Medium Size Glass or Metal Bowl - Fill half with warm water. Squeeze in half lemon or liquid castile soap, add 2 drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil {optional}, soak.


2. Hydrate + moisturize. This is a two part step that should be done daily. Hydrate = drinking plenty of water, something you should be used to doing. Moisturize = applying topical moisturizers to your feet, hands, nail beds + cuticles. Again don't rush out + buy anything just yet. Have a facial moisturizer that's been tossed aside? Go through your beauty tube mishaps tossing anything that's expired chances are you'll have plenty to get you started. Hold on to exfoliators, moisturizers + face cleansers. Use those first.


3. Keep your cuticles neat. After moisturizing use a cuticle pusher to gently push back cuticles {hands+ feet}. Use cuticle scissors, it's okay to go out + buy these, to carefully trim excess dry skin but don't cut them too far back. If you are unfamiliar or even uncomfortable with doing this you should have it done by a professional. You can usually get a manicure without having any polish painted on for a fairly inexpensive price.


4. Get polish perfect. Use a q-tip dipped in polish remover, run over your nails, before you even add a base coat. You want to make sure there are no oils on the nail. Then embrace a trend, try a daring color + have fun with it! This birthday cake inspired color combo is something fun I did recently that lasted over a week.