Beauty Tip of the Week: Put Down The Tweezers

Brows come + go but sometimes {especially when a trend is involved} they go more. I'm not opposed to anyone plucking, threading or even waxing, though it hurts like hell + I'll never do it again, but there is a fine line between having stylishly sleek brows + having no brows, replaced with drawn-on lines. Years or even prolonged months of over de-hairing can leave you wishing you had left a few strands intact. Overdoing it can cause damage to the hair follicle preventing your hairs from actually growing back in, you know like when you want/need them to.


Three Steps To Help You Avoid Over Doing It:

1. Get your brows done {initially} by a pro to find your shape. Not all salons are created equally. Have a friend or colleague whose brows you admire recommend a brow stylist. You can keep up the upkeep for a while once it's done if you trust yourself enough. Use easy tools like an eyebrow kit to keep brows looking fresh + naturally filled in. When choosing brow colors be sure to go a shade lighter than your natural brow color.




2. Comfortable enough to go it alone? Use helpful pre-treated wax strips or slanted tweezers to get yourself started. Better to take off a little then a little more than to be a brow-less mess.




3. Remember brows should look polished + pretty. Brow stencils give guidance + help maintain shape. Use clear brow gel to tame strays + keep your brows trimmed. If you can pull one out like it belongs on the face of your grandpa then it's time to trim!