Casual Fall Fashion

Casual Fall Fashion


Happy 1st day of Autumn! 

What I really want this Fall season is cute boots alas that's not going to happen til Winter hits. So I'm going to rock closed toe flats + heels like I get paid to do it. Most of the year I live in sandals but it gets so boring, sometimes I really want to see a whole shoe decorating my foot. So here is a casual look for Fall that I put together + love, something to step out on a lunch date with the hubby.

Butter London Nails

All Hail The Queen - a holo beige that is so much more.

Wallis - a golden olive shade, it's like green, black + gold all rolled into one!

Matte Topcoat - a shine free finish that I use on the tips only.


Mustache Earrings - I love these so much I added them to my online store inventory {opening in October}.

Bright Studded Bracelet - It's a bright studded bracelet, need I say more?

Wide Leg Pants

So hot! These pants flatter curves + can be casual or dressy.



Floral + Snakeskin Print Shoes

I love the heel + print on these shoes. Wide is not usually my thing but the platform soles + round toe convinced me to add these to my order.


Leopard Love Tee

 Apparently animal print is in? Not sure why we always get that trend update this time of the year but I have never really considered it out. I have a pair of platform leopard peep toes {for a few years now} that I love to wear when the weather cools down.  The key to wearing it is in moderation. You can have as many pieces as you wish but only wear one at a time.


What are you looking forward to wearing this Fall?