Hair Favorites From Paul Mitchell + Giovanni

These two powerhouse conditioners have become a favorite + very necessary in my stash of hair products. I mostly keep conditioners, some light ones for co-washing + heavier ones for deep conditioning + a few {very good} shampoos. But as long as these remain cruelty-free I'll keep using them.

Giovanni Smooth As Silk Xtreme Protein Hair Infusion

Product details:NO pthalates/artificial fragrance/dyes/sulfates/parabens

I use this as a deep conditioner after shampooing my hair usually once a week. I purchased this from Whole Foods Market for about $6.

hair fav giovanni 1

Pros: ♥My hair literally feels like silk + my curls wear for at least two days.

♥The smallest amount goes a very long way {I have super thick hair + can usually get away with using 2 quarter-sized drops, one for the front + one for the back}.



Paul Mitchell Original "The Conditioner"

Honestly when I first got a hold of this I did not realize it was a leave-in. Temporary panic set in since my hair normally does not sit well with these types of conditioners but I gave it a go anyway since I was already home. My results? Soft + full curls that I actually wore for a couple of days before I wet my hair again. A quick fluff in the morning + I was good to go. Purchased from a salon store for $13.

hair fav paulm 2

Product details: Balances moisture, prevents dryness + improves texture as well as moisturizes skin.

Directions are to apply a small amount, comb through. Do not rinse.

hair fav paulm 3


♥Leaves my hair super moisturized

♥No residue once it's dried


♥Very light-weight formula

♥Smells amazing!

♥Loved this one so much I've recently recommended it to my S-I-L + a friend as a product staple!

And one for fun...

ULTA Ultimate Brunette  Color Restoring Glaze with Vibrant ColorComplex

Product description (straight from the brand): Restorative color glaze imparts subtle color with pure grade pigments. Helps return hair to just out of the salon radiance. Contains Vibrant Color Complex, a unique blend of plant extracts including ivy and fenugreek, vitamins and shine enhancers to bring our the richness of your brunette hair and to protect your color from fading due to repeated washing and environmental damage. Nourishes and helps to repair damaged hair. Designed for natural, color-treated, or highlighted hair. Not a permanent hair color. Ammonia and peroxide free. Will not lift or lighten hair color.

hair fav ultaglz

I try to avoid coloring my hair since the chemicals can be so damaging but I do love using henna conditioning treatments which can up the vibrance + alter the color of your hair depending on your natural color. My experience with this glaze is that it has the same vibrant results but without changing the color of my hair so all of my strands carry the "just colored look" minus the harmful + damaging chemical effects. Purchased from Ulta for $8.