In Review: DERMAdoctor Multiacid Peel

I've heard chemical peels can do wonderful things for your skin. So it's no surprise that when I got an opportunity to try a product of my choice from DERMAdoctor I went straight for their multiacid chemical peel. Anything with the word acid in it makes me shutter a bit but contrary to its name it's quite gentle on my sensitive skin.  The product itself is actually called Physical Chemistry facial microdermabrasion + multiacid chemical peel, a mouthful of a title worth every word.  




It comes stored in a pump style jar that doubles  as a traditional jar. For the life of me I could not get the pump to dispense any of the product {not sure if I did not pump it enough, though I did it for a while, or it just doesn't work properly} but I opted to just screw the lid off + dip it out with my ring finger.



As per the directions you apply to dry skin.  So AFTER washing my makeup off + letting my face dry I applied the product from my forehead down to my neck using my finger tips. I have a terrible relationship with the word rinse when it comes to my face so I used a very wet wash cloth  to remove it instead. Something about splashing water all over the place + it barely reaching my face annoys me.



Overall I am in L-O-V-E  with the results of this product + a bit less enthused with the $75 price tag it comes with, that = big splurge. But in my opinion totally worth the money.