My High Low Skirt Summer Anthem

 I have a minor below + help a girl out!


High Low Skirt Summer Anthem


Got my high-low skirt in over the weekend but I'm so undecided on a top to wear with it. I know it has to be extremely light weight + non competing with the skirt. You only need one show stopper as too much is just too much. I have a green one similar to the tied one below, it's very sheer {no buttons} but has a small pocket on the front. Hmmm this is the perfect casual summer skirt if I would just get decisive about the top. Maybe go for the pink one with ruffles? 

So which one would you choose? I love the idea of the white button up shirt at the bottom but we'll be hosting a double threat birthday party for our 6 yr old + soon to be 4 yr old + this weekend I don't think it could survive a bounce house + cake!