NOTD: Taupe Bling

I was more in the mood for sparkle than color so I ended up with a taupe base + 2 glitter tip-dipped accent nails. 

taupe bling 4

The base color is Taupe from Love + Beauty {from Forever 21}. I think of it more as a taupe with a twist because it has an iridescent glow to it that bring out pink undertones. It's neither flat nor matte which is probably why it goes with my skin so well.

taupe bling 2

Taken at a different angle

taupe bling 5


The glitter is Spit Fire by Pure Ice. This is one of my favorite cheap thrill buys. The glitters are so perfectly pretty + pink! If there were such as a thing as a "romantic" glitter this would be it for me.

taupe bling 3

A closer view of the glitter. This photo doesn't do it justice but I was in a rush to get out the door + the sun seemed to be everywhere that day {glare city}!

taupe bling 5-001

The closer Spring gets my nails get more neutral + my clothes + accessories get brighter. I guess it's a sweet trade off from all the golds, silvers + blacks from the holiday season.