Proganix Anti-Fade Hair System Results

Sharing a bit of my love affair with my hair in this post before I get into the Proganix Anti-Fade Hair System. A bit of's been a little over a year since I shaved my hair off - I've always loved short hair so resisting a cut was difficult at first - but once I got past one awkward "growth" stage I was ready to get through another without even thinking of how great a new cut would feel.


I most often do wash n' go style because it's quick + easy. Much easier or rather, less time consuming, when I'm trying to get out the door to work. But here in the Sunshine State my hair takes a sun-beating regardless of how I wear it so this cute little package of Proganix hair goodies I got turned out be just the thing I needed.


So I was sent the Proganix Anti-Fade Cherry Blossom + UV Protection system which included shampoo, conditioner + weight-less Argan Oil. So I will say right off the jump here that I have "thick hair girl" needs + ran out of conditioner way before I ran out of shampoo. Come to think of it, I still have some shampoo! But the UV Protection thing worked out so differently than I thought it would - in the best way possible. I used this system everyday for about 3 months + when I ran out I re-stocked.



*great formula - the shampoo is sulfate-free + didn't strip my hair at all

*gentle on sensitive skin - my skin/scalp is soooo picky so it usually doesn't play well with different products

*the weightless argan oil was a curl pleaser - I would spray a little on t-shirt dried hair just before leaving my house in the morning for work - it was quite the miracle worker, especially during our bipolar weather days here

*it made de-tangling my hair not seem like such a joke

*lastly, the price - I didn't know when they were sent to me the exact retail price but they run about $11.99 each - can be found in Ulta for sure - which ain't half bad considering the conditioner lasts a little over a month

*hello bare hair! I didn't use the weight-less oil everyday - it was more of a dare to see the performance of the shampoo + conditioner - honestly though I couldn't tell that step had been skipped aside from my hair being a little wild + light as air but I won't go out playing in the sun without spraying a little on because even this late in the year the sun can do damage anytime it's shining.


What are some of your winter hair care favorites?

*Product provided for consideration - not a paid post*