The New Black Ombre Shades "Horizon" Review



As promised in my Eco bags post here is a review of The New Black Nail Polish Ombre shades in "Horizon".

These little bottles filled with blue hued goodies go on smooth + dry quite nicely. At first I thought shade 4 {a light baby blue} was my favorite but after using each shade, minus the white, I could not help but stare at all of them. Shade 3 {on my ring finger} is absolutely gorgeous! While shade 2 is the sheerest taking up about 3 good coats to cover my nail. Shade 1 surprised me the most because though you can't tell from the bottle once you brush it on you notice the pretty blue sparkles in it which really show in the sunlight {none of which we had for the few days I wore this polish, sunshine state? really?}

The $22 price tag is a bit much for me {usually I stay under $10} but the quality is great + there are a few more sets that just recently released that I would love to try.  Of course they are currently back ordered on 1-2 weeks but well worth the wait;-) Looking forward to trying these beauties below soon.

Bank Holiday Weekend Ombre Nail Shades 5-Piece Set, Wave (Green)

Bank Holiday Weekend Ombre Nail Shades 5-Piece Set, Walrus (Neutrals)