Weekend Wear: Spring + Summer Brights Done Right

Bright colors are really fun to wear this year. The prints are just right + some of the shades are at least a step up from their 80's highlighter harsh hues, the dreaded neon green highlighter bottoms are just a extended version biker shorts...avoid them. You can go bright just don't blind anyone in the process. Juicy bright oranges, drenched glowing pinks + even brilliant blues are all making the cut this season. There are so many options available for every style the only faux pas you could possibly make is having too much!


  • Pair solids + prints: If your top is print the bottom should be solid.
  • On your feet + toes: You can go bright on the polish but use a matte polish like Sinful Colors, Savage {pictured below}. It's just the right amount of bright + the matte finish won't compete with the rest of your blazing hues. Go solid + neutral on the shoes unless....just go solid + neutral. Seriously.
  • Not EVERYTHING needs to be a neon shade.  Opt for equally bright colors like my bright peach hued skinny jeans. They leave room to show off the printed tank top.
  • Pair bright, but not shade matching, accessories. Wear a stack of braided bracelets or bright teal earrings but not both at the same time.

So this is what I wore this past weekend + yes my shoes were completely neutral. What do you think? My jeans are slightly different in design {their distressed} but the color is the same. I included a not so great photo below, it was the weekend + I was in a rush. Next time I'll use my digital camera...


Weekend Brights