Weekender: Thrifty Summer Finds

Saturday morning hubby + I made a go of two thrift shoppes. It's been at least 2 months since I've set foot in one + actually found something that I love! This trip I came out with 5 treasures that costs me about $13.


 This Abercrombie & Fitch white dress was originally marked $8.99 but was half-off as a promotion for Saturday morning. Actually all the clothing I picked up was half off. The scarf is something I made last fall. I'm always cold so there is usually one close by for me to grab at the first sign of goosebumps.


This dress has two really cute tied pockets on either side. I can't see putting more in there than a small lip balm but they certainly add to the detailed charm of the double navy blue stripes.



Another perfect Summer dress. I have the perfect pair of corked wedges for this nautical dress. I added the red-orange tank underneath for a bit of cleavage coverage.


The back of the dress. The crossed straps are twisted + lend a little more cutesy to the style of the dress.


So this skirt is probably my favorite find of the 3 + actually the last thing I found while my hubby was waiting for me in line. It's a rarity that Gap clothes fit me, ever. They just don't seem to fit me in the right places. So I was hoping that for once the size 0 on the tag was a good thing! A quick trip to the fitting room + I was skipping to the register a happy girl. The skirt is white with grayish blue + light gray designs. The tank top is a basic find from Forever 21.


Picked up these two books also. I recently finished reading all 4 books earlier this month  {borrowed from the library} + would definitely read them again so it was a bonus to find 2 out of 4 for a fraction of the retail price.