Whipped Mango Body Butter

It's been over a year since I've excluded commercial/chemical laden moisturizer from my family's skin care regimen. Even when a product is packaged eco-friendly + claims to have all the natural properties of organic botanicals + earthly rich butters it usually has a slew of other ingredients that help keep the shelf life, texture, color + scent going well beyond several months. We are usually finished with the average bottle of lotion way before then.  

For a while I experimented with making body + hand lotions. I knew exactly what was going in them but there was the little issue of still having to add extra ingredients to keep bacteria at bay. So I finally settled on whipped body butters. In a way they are more work but no water is involved, a plus if you want to avoid gross things growing within days of creation, and they can smell heavenly even if you add no essential oils to them.




I love being able to tailor my skin care products to fit my skin's needs. For this particular whipped body butter mix I used mango butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil + rice bran oil as my main ingredients then added ROE, vitamin E, rosemary + lavender essential oils. I only make a batch at a time which usually fills one 8oz low profile jar. It lasts about a month before I run out + have to make more.